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Nutrition is the science of how the body processes food. In fact, nutrition is life. All living things, including you, need food and water to live. Beyond that, you need healthy food - meaning food containing healthy nutrients to live.

Nutrients are substances necessary for proper bodily function. Some are required in large quantities (macronutrients) and some are required in small quantities (micronutrients).




Workshop Objective

  • Provide participants with easy access to basic nutrition information
  • Provide healthy food education, selection, preparation, and food portions
  • Increase understanding of Macronutrients and Micronutrients
  • Increase understanding of food labels and how to select healthy foods daily for healthy food intake
  • Individual meal planning based on one’s Basal Metabolic Rate to ensure daily intake of needed calories for body functions and weight reduction through loosing fat, not muscle and water.


For further information or to schedule a workshop, please contact us at (972) 998-0152.




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