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Among cases of cardiovascular disease, 95 percent stem from atherosclerosis (a condition in which cholesterol in the blood penetrates and collects in artery walls). This creates the hard deposits from which atherosclerosis gets its name, and ultimately grows into the arterial lumen restricting blood flow to the heart and culminating to angina and myocardial infarction.

Cardiovascular disease is strongly linked to hypercholesterolemia, in which the concentration of cholesterol in the blood exceeds the body's physiological requirement for the synthesis of steroid hormones, cell membranes, and other components.

Workshop Objectives

  • Provide patients with easy access to cholesterol information
  • Increase patient understanding of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease as it pertains to chronic diseases
  • Provide patients with cholesterol information they understand and can use
  • Increase patient understanding of elevated cholesterol as it pertains to cardiovascular disease and strategies one can implement in daily lifestyle habits to reduce elevated cholesterol.


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